Thursday, 4 December 2014

Work diary - Multiple imagery

Multiple imagery - work diary 

In today's session we was shooting images for a multiple imagery, I found this session quite boring because I did not enjoy the fact that we had to take multiple pictures of essentially the same thing. However I did like the finished picture once the Images had been produced. I think that this is a good way of showing multiple images of a similar topic without having to look at these images singularly, I also think this is a good style to use to create a variety of images as well as to have freedom to decide what is included in the overall picture if i could do this topic again i would try to think of more interesting pictures to take so that my end images have more variety.

Below are my multiple imagery's, I think that they clearly show the concept of multiple imagery. I have included one image that shows a series of images that are very similar and are actually of the same bush. I like the way that this multiple image shows the different parts or a bush without having to look at another generic picture of a bush. I think that my second multiple imagery is my best of what i produced. In this picture the theme is shoes so in this picture there are multiple different images of shoes. I like this image because it shows how a multiple imagery can work when there is a running theme but the pictures are different.

These pictures that I have found from the Internet are all examples of multiple imagery.
The two are showing to completely different objects but have both chosen to photograph that object from different angles. This is a more creative way of show an object from all angles without having to look at multiple images, its also more creative as it allows for a different style of photography so that you don't always have to stick to the same style.

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