Monday, 15 December 2014

Connecting essay 5

Connecting essay 5: 

The image above is a photo joiner of a building. It is clear that each section of the building has been made from a number of images and these images have not been put in an exact space which is straight and perfectly lined. This example shows how photo joiners can be used to make an image more original and standout from how it usually looks. 

Above is my example of a photo joiner, and I have also chosen to use a building to make up my image. In my image I have used a lot more images to build up my photo joiner which allows for a different effect to the one i used as an example. The example image is a lot easier to tell what the image is of because of the use or larger images. My image for example is a lot busier and it hard to see each part of the image. However my image has used a lot more images which gives it a accurate idea of the image being a photo joiner.

One connection between the two images is the obvious use of multiple images to build up the photo joiner. Another connection between these two images is the image building up to a image of a building to show all the different aspects of the building. The main difference between the two images is the size of the photos in the photo joiner. In my image i used smaller images that were more precise to show more detail in these images. The effect of this meat that there was more images included in my photo joiner, as well as being more precise in the detail that were shown.

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