Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Connecting essay 2

Connecting essay 2:

In this picture from the Internet a journey is being shown through the person walking through a tunnel. Through the use of tone, the photographer is able to create a certain mood in the photograph and is able to give it a deeper meaning without there necessarily being a meaning behind it. By doing this the photographer is able to allow everyone that sees the image to have their own opinion of what the photo is of. In this image the camera seems to be at a slight angle so that you can see the tunnel fully and see the whole width. The use of depth in this image makes the end of the tunnel stand out as well as with the use of the light making the end seem to be brighter than the beginning. The use of tone in this image gives the overall photo a dark and mysterious feel, as well allows the light at the end to stand out more.

In my picture i have show a person on a journey. I decided to keep my image in colour which can allow for the image not to necessarily be seen a deep or full of emotion and can just be seen as a person walking through a tunnel. In my picture I have also chosen to have quite a strong light and the end of the tunnel to highlight that there was where the end of the tunnel was, however the light can also be seen to have a deeper or second meaning. In this image the use of depth make it appear as if theres a end to the tunnel and to the journey. The light at the end of the image highlights the end of the tunnel, yet the path that continues around the corner shows the journey continuing on further.

In both of these images the tunnel is the key aspect of the image.  The tunnel represents  journey in both which is supported by the person in the image walking through the tunnel. The use of light in these images makes the end of the tunnel stand out in the image, but also adds light to the rest of the tunnel. Where these photos differ is that one uses tone, while the other uses colours. Both of these formal elements make the photos effective but in different ways. In the image with tone gives a more dark feel to the image, while the on with colour appears to be more positive and uplifting. 

Connecting essay 1

Connecting essay 1:

This is a picture that i found on the Internet showing autumn colour through a close up of the leaves. In this picture the main focus is on the 3 leaves in the centre of the image and the background is blurred. The photographer has decided to have a clear focus on the front leaves and allow for parts of some leaves to be included in the picture but not let them distract from the focus. This photographer has also decided to feel some of the gaps in the background with the sky allowing for a different colour to be included into the picture. The ago of this image allows for more leaves to be in the frame yet the 2 largest in the middle of the frame are the ones that standout and make up the picture.

This a picture that i have taken of a single leaf and is showing autumn colour. In my picture i have decided to include just one leaf as the focus but have multiple smaller leaves in the corners of my image that are blurred slightly. In my picture i have also decided to include some more twigs to include a slight variation of colour.  In my picture the use of the other smaller leaves and twigs make the leave sit it its natural setting so the picture is realistic. 

The connection between the two picture is essentially the fact that both pictures are showing autumn colours and is focusing on leaves. In both pictures there is a variety of different colours as well as a blurred background. The camera has been focused on the leaves in the image and has allowed for the background to fill up the rest of the frame, showing the use of autumn colours. In both of the images there is other aspects of the branch included but the have a been burred out slightly as they don't need to standout for the image. In both of the images the use of the formal element colour allows for some difference in the image so that one colour isn't over used making the image appear to be dull.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Work diary - studio contrast

Work diary - Contrast:

In this session our task was to go into the studio in groups and shoot different contrasts that we could show with people. I personally enjoyed this task as I enjoyed getting to work in a group as I found it made the task more chilled and allowed us to work together to think of ideas. However I also found this task slightly difficult as I didn't want to copy all the same ideas as everyone in my group which meant that I didn't find myself with enough pictures to work with at the end of the session. From this I have decided that I will re-shoot this topic so that I can improve some of my images as well as giving myself more to work with.

I think that the picture above and the picture below are my best pictures as I like that in both pictures I have been able to photograph to kinds of contrasts. In the top picture I have show the the contrast between Dylan and Frankie's height, as well as showing the contrast between boy and girl. Another thing I like about this picture is that both of these contrast show quite obvious contrasts. Also while editing this picture I noticed that Frankie is looking at the camera while Dylan is not, I think that this is a unintentional contrast that has occurred while I was taking the picture.

I think that this picture is also one of my best as again it shows to different types of contrast in one photo. In this picture there is a contrast of facing to different ways as well as the contrast of the different hair colours. I like this picture as I think its effective at showing how simple contrasts can be in photography.

I have chosen these two pictures from the internet as I think that they show two of the most common types of contrasts that can show how effective the contrasts can be. The top picture shows the simple black and white contrast can be and still have a big impact on the way the image is shown. The picture below shows how colour in contrast can help to highlight different aspects of the image as well as let them blend in to the picture.