Monday, 8 December 2014

Mapplethorpe location - Work diary

Mapplethorpe Location:

In this session we was shooting in the style of Mapplethorpe while on location. I found this task to be more difficult than when shooting in the style of Mapplethorpe in the studio. I found that this time around I had to focus more on the composition as well as focusing more on my background and making sure that I was happy with it. Once I had got into the style of this shoot, I found myself enjoying it more as well as being happy with the pictures that i was producing. If I could re shoot this topic I would try to shoot more of a variety of pictures instead of them being quite similar.

These are two pictures from my Mapplethorpe location shoot. I have chosen these to because I think that these are two of my best for showing the style of Mapplethorpe. I these photos i have stuck to the typical idea of Mapplethorpe's shoots by sticking to the idea of having a plain background as well as have the face at one side of the frame. I have also stuck to his structure by turning the picture black and white after.

The two picture below are examples of Mapplethorpe's portraits. Most of his portraits are done in the studio, however you can see his idea being used on location. In these pictures Mapplethorpe has kept the person in the middle of the frame as well as keeping a serious mood to the photo. This is the main idea that I have tried to include in my images.

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