Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Contrast - Image bank

Contrast - Image bank

Below are images that I have found from the internet that express contrast in photography. I think that these photos all show how basic contrast can be and how it can be found in a variety of settings that we can always see around us.
I also think that these photos show how contrast can appear more than once in one place and doesn't always have to be a contrast between colours. These pictures also show how contrast can appear naturally or they can be put together in a scene.

In this image the use of contrast is not directly compared. The contrast is still clearly visible but is not split by half of the image, the two different things being compared are found in their natural setting. The colour difference is the main difference in this photo, and is one of the first things that is noticed as the red standouts in the green setting.

The contrast in this image is the nature of the flower along side the living butterfly. Both of them standout against each other as they are prominent with their separate features. The blurred background also helps to show this contrast as the background is make less important so the contrast can standout even more.

In these two images the main contrast is the colours. These images are effective as the different sections haven't just been placed next to each other and photographed, they have been left in their natural settings so they look as realistic as possible.

In this image the use of tone is used to create a contrast. The white is compared to the black background, the black helps to highlight the white. However the two colours sit well together to show a colour difference that is clearly noticeable.

In this image the two parts of the image that are showing the contrast have been placed next to each other, and the two parts are directly compared in this image. This is effective because the contrast is easily noticed and people can see the contrast naturally.

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