Monday, 15 December 2014



Now that the project has come to an end I can honestly say that I have enjoyed most if not all aspects of Unit 1 photography. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about all the different formal elements individually as i have found them to help me get a more creative eye for photography. I have also enjoyed the smaller projects that we have done like the walks, contrast and the work of Mapplethorpe. I think that the biggest thing that I will take away from this Unit is the use of the formal elements which I think will help me with my images in the next Unit.

I have found that researching the 20 different photographers and then researching 5 of them in more detail has been helpful as it has helped me to become more creative with some of my ideas and to maybe incorporate some of the artists work into my own work.

I think that shooting in the style of Mapplethorpe has been really helpful for me as well as enjoyable. I have enjoyed all the studio work but shooting Mapplethorpe styled portraits has been my favourite. I found that this topic was fun to be in full control of how the image looked meaning that we had to think about lighting and composition a lot more. I also think that the Mapplethorpe shoots has helped my overall photography skills as I think that I think about things like composition a lot more and I can defiantly see the effect of this in my work.

There has been some topics that I am glad to be moving on from, like contrast and photo joiner. While I did enjoy shooting contrast, after doing it in both the studio and on location twice I have felt that I was beginning to repeat myself with the images I was producing and I also found my self getting bored and wanting to move on to a new topic.

Overall I have really enjoyed this first unit an think that the skills I have learnt will be a big help in the next unit. However I am looking forward to the next unit and learning a lot more on some new shoots as well as incorporating the things i have learnt this unit to the next.

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