Monday, 15 December 2014

Connecting essay 4

Connecting essay 4:

In the image above it is clear that the photographer took their to to think that the composition of the photo and the positioning of the camera. For this reason you can see that the sun is shinning more on the right side of the image than on the left side. This allows for a difference in colour in the image as well seeing some parts of the image clearer than the others. There is also a bright clear sky in this picture which is able to fit nicely into the image without being bold or to subtle.

The image above is my own image which i think is pretty similar to the first image. In my image the sun is shinning on to the left side instead of the right side. The effect of this allows for again a difference in colour and also allows for the image to move into the darkness of the other side. The blue in the sky allows for a contrast in the colours but is not to subtle to be ignored or not to bold to be distracting.

One of the biggest connections between these two images is the use of the sun light that changes some of the colour as well as move the image in to the distance. Another connection between these two images is the use of journey showing how the image moves on into the distance.

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