Saturday, 11 October 2014

Work diary - texture

Work diary - texture:

In this session we was given the topic of texture. In this topic it was quite easy to find different textures as we just had to look further into the things we were taking pictures of like leaves and tiles. I personally enjoyed this topic as I found it interesting to see the same sort of images that we had been taking pictures of but close up and with a different perspective. If I could re-do this topic I would try to be more creative with the things that I was taking pictures of and I would try to be more original.

I think that the picture above and the picture below are my best pictures at showing texture. I think that the picture above shows texture in the different tiles but also in the whole picture as it all has a certain look to it that would be hard to replicate. I think that the picture below is a more original way of showing texture as it shows that the texture has been formed after some of the paint has chipped away. I think that this picture is one of the ways of being more creative with texture, it also shows ore than one style of texture.

I have chosen these two pictures from the internet because I think they both show two completely different types of texture. The photo above is a more defined style and is more natural. The photo below is a more relaxed way of showing texture as I more man made as the stones have been put there by someone. 

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