Monday, 6 October 2014

Definition post - movement

Definition post - movement:

Definition: An act of moving 

Describing words: fast, slow, sudden, overdrawn,.

This picture shows movement as the surroundings behind the main point of the photo is blurred showing that something is either moving behind the teddy bear of the teddy itself is the one moving. i think this picture shows movement clearly as its not hard to be able to tell that there is some type of movement happening.

This picture shows movement in a different way as the part of the picture that is actually moving is the part that is blurred. i think that this picture is a good way of showing movement as the photographer has decided to keep the background plain so that the main focus of the image is on the piece that is actually moving.

This picture shows a completely different type of movement as its a natural movement. i think that this shows movement in a clear and effective way as it is something that is original and creative. i also think that this picture is good at movement as it looks completely natural and un-altered.

This picture also shows movement  without using colour. the picture still has the same effect as the train that is moving is still blurred giving a clear example of movement in photography.

My definition: Something moving from A to B.

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