Thursday, 23 October 2014

Work diary - Back of head portraiture location

Work diary - Back of head portraiture location:

In this session our topic was back of head portraiture, our task was to photograph the backs of people heads with a slightly blurred background. the point of this was for us to learn about the angles and composition of things in our pictures. This will be useful for when we shoot front of head portraiture as we will be able to think about composition when taking the picture and will be able to think where we position the eyes in the photo. if I could do this topic again I would think of more creative places to take my pictures so that my backgrounds are not always the same, I would also try to think of more original ways  to position and photography the backs of peoples heads.

The pictures below are what  feel are my best pictures. I like the picture above as I think that it look natural and unposed, I also like how the person is not in the middle of the picture but it is still clear that they are the main focus for the picture. I think like the picture below as I think that its original and is a different way of photographing the backs of peoples heads so that all the pictures don't look the same. I think that both of these pictures could be improved by making the backgrounds clearer or empty so that theres not a busy background going on behind the photo.

I have chosen to use these pictures to show the different ways of photographing back of head portraiture. The image above shows the back of someones head with quite a busy background for you to also focus on. I think that this allows the image to portray and deeper meaning and get across a emotion. The picture below is just of the back of the head with a plain background so there is less to focus on in the image. this allows for the picture to just focus on the back of the persons head.

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