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Definition post - portraiture

Definition post - portraiture 

Definition:A portrait is a paintingphotographsculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expression is predominant.

Describing words: portrayal, profile, account, sketch, figure, model, likeness.

These two pictures that I have chosen from the Internet are the typical kind of pictures that you would think of when thinking portraits. Both of the images show clearly who the person is and you are able to get a clear view of what they look like. The top picture is a more common studio portrait as all the natural colours from the studio where the picture has been taken has been left in. The picture below is a edited portrait where the photographer has decided to turn the picture black and white and then select one aspect and put some colour on it. This style of portrait changes the mood of the picture as it allows you to look at it from a completely perspective. 

These two pictures from the Internet have taken more of a twist on the style that the portrait has been shown. The picture above shows a clear focus just on the person even though there is not a clear background. This is achieved by the blurring of the background as the photographer is able to make the background seem less important in this photo. The photo below is a pop art portrait, these show a more creative view of showing a portrait. The use of colour and simple abstract makes the picture more original and more of a more fun image to look at.

My definition: portraiture is a form of photography that clearly shows quite a detailed perspective of a person. Usually taken mainly of their face.

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