Sunday, 19 October 2014

Photographer 4 - Lee Towndrow

Photographer - Lee Towndrow 

Lee Towndrow is a visual photographer based in New York. He started his career as a designer and photographer for a design company that he started, the company is best know for creating many album covers for Canadian bands. He's also created visual effects and designs for TV adverts, music videos, and feature films.

I have chosen to include Lee Towndrow's work as i like the way that he uses colour in a lot of his photos. I find the way that he uses colour is original and creative. This gives him a slight edge to stand out and be different.

I have chosen this picture because I like the way that Towndrow has used bright vibrant colours to show the main points of the photo that he wants you to focus on. I also like the way that he has done this with just 2 colours by doing this he has been able to get across the effect without having to use multiple colours. In this image where a different colour is use it changes the focus of the image, it goes from being the blue background to being the bright pink on the person.

I have chosen to include this photo because of the simplicity of the actual photo with the use of a bright colour again to dull colours. I think that this makes one part of the picture stand out more than another.  The colour in this image is made clear against a black background. This is effective as you  cannot loose the brightness of the yellow against the background.

I have chosen this picture because I personally think there is a aspect of abstract to it, as to me this picture does not seem natural. I also like the way that colour is used in this picture as I like the way that each colour has been separated from each other.  The colour white is used in this image to break up the two bright colours. This ensures that neither colour is lost nor washed out and make sure that the brightness says effective.

I chosen this picture for the same sort of reasons, I like the way that Towndrow has used colour as he is able to make other aspects of the image stand out so that they don't blend in with each other.The people are positioned against the background to use their colours of their clothes to break away from the yellow.

I will try to incorporate some of the ways that Towndrow uses colour in his images to try and give my work some originality so that not all the colours blend in with each other.

Looking at Lee Towndrow's photography has inspired me to be more creative with colour in my photos and has given me the inspiration to be more experimental when using colour. His images have also made me want to use colour in a fun way and not always be sure that the picture will work out in the end.

To summarise Towndrow uses colour in a unique way to allow for original images as well as images that look different and fun as well as giving off the right effect. I hope to take this and use it in my own photography.

Personally, i have used Towndrow as a influence to try and use colour in a different way. I have tried to show colours in places that wouldn't usually be focused on. One of the ways that I have been influenced was in the editing process of one of my photos. I decided to use selective colour to make the colour of the rose stand out, I then decided to turn the background black and white to allow the flower to be the main focus. I the main way that I have been influenced by Towndrow is to use  colour as a effect and to allow it to change the way the picture looks.

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