Thursday, 9 October 2014

Definition post - texture

Definition post - texture:

Dictionary definition: the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance.

Describing words: rough, smooth, bumpy, bubbly, fine, chunky.

This picture shows texture as the photographer has clearler shows the different aspects of the wall and has been able to show that all the bricks are not the same. This picture is a good example of texture as it shows how one object can have more than one texture as all overall texture of the wall is the bricks and each brick has its own texture.

This picture shows more of a general texture as there is only on style of texture in this photo that is just repeated throughout the image. In this picture that texture is in each plank of wood that makes up the floor, and although the textures are not all exactly the same they still show the same idea of texture in the wood.

This picture is a more creative way of showing texture as it has been made by the soles of shoes indented in sand. I think that this picture is good at showing the effect that the texture of the shoes has when it meets the texture of the sand. This picture also shows different styles of texture as it has been made with different shoes to get a different pattern.

This picture shows how a large amount of something in this case stones, can create a type of texture. In this case the texture looks smooth and bumpy because of the fact that the stones dont all fit together in one piece to make a flat picture.

My definition: The way that a surface looks of feels.

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