Thursday, 18 September 2014

Work diary - pattern

Work diary - pattern:

In this lesson out task was to take pictures of pattern. We had to include both natural and man made pattens. I found this task day as I found it easy to identify the patterns in things. However what I didn't find as easy was trying to decide what was a natural and what was a man made pattern. In some images this was easy however some I did struggle with.

Progression: If I was to re-do this topic I would try to incorporate some of my work from previous  topics as I think that it would help to build up my collection of patterns. I Think that by including topics like line and colour I would be able to show variety of different patters and would be able to link all my skills so far. An example of this is the picture below as it shows how a white simple pattern has been broken by the bright vibrant colour of red.

I chose the picture above because I think it is one of my best pictures that show man made pattern. You can see the pattern of the main piece of stone, you can also see the pattern where it goes from a piece of stone to concrete. I also think this picture is one of my best because although it shows pattern its not the kind of picture I would typically think of when thinking pattern. I chose the picture below because I think its my best picture that shows natural pattern. The marks in the tree are not all exactly the same therefore it shows how the pattern is natural and hasn't been altered with by man.

If I could re-do this topic I would attempt to find and take pictures that show a more clear difference between natural and man made patterns. I would also try to take pictures with a wider range of patterns as I felt that some of my pictures were often alike.

This is your stereotypical idea of pattern as the same shapes are repeated throughout. Its also a man made pattern as it is following a design throughout. I chose to include this picture as it is very common pattern found in pavements. 

This pattern is also man made as it has followed a design how ever the shapes and sizes are  not exactly kept the same throughout. colours and shapes are still repeated so its still a pattern but not what someone would typically think of when  you think pattern. I chose to include this picture to show how things that can have slight alterations can still be patterns.

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