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Photographer 1 - Florian Ritter

Photographer 1 - Florian Ritter:

Florian Ritter is a landscape photographer from Germany. her was born in 1981 and grew up with his younger sister, older brother and mother. His love for photography started in 2007, and he later decided to see how much love there was for photography and began to travel with it. He started in New York with a photography course. He realised while doing so that photography had a lot more offer than her first expected and he got more interested in landscapes.

I chose to include Ritter's work as I find his landscapes are different to ones that I've seen before. I like the way that he makes his backgrounds of his photos different to ones that I've seen before. I also like that he focuses on the main point of the photo and lets the backgrounds happen around that main point. I found that all of his work is appealing as it stands out to me because of the originality of his pictures.

I like this picture because I think it is a nice picture it look at.  Its a simple picture where you don't need to think hard about what the picture is and the meaning behind it. this picture uses the formal elements of colour in the background. I like the background in this picture because the colours of the sunset are not your typical colours you would usually see in a sunset yet it still looks realistic. The use of colour in this image is what makes it interesting, the colours in the sky are not what you usually used when showing a sky. In this image all of the colours compliment each other and all stand out to show the separate elements of the grass and the sky.

I like this picture because it is different to some of the others that I have seen by Ritter, this photo is quite busy compared to some of his others. This photo uses the formal element of depth as its shows us off into the distance. The use of depth here is effective because it draws you in to look further down into the image and to where the light stands out. I like this picture because I think its original and stands out because of the use light and colour in this photo.

I like this picture because is shows the diversity in Ritter's photography, most of his pictures that I have chosen to include have been quite bright or used a lot of colour in the. However I like the fact that this photo is a lot more plain in the idea of colour, it means that we don't focus on the use of colour but focus more on the house its surroundings. I also like this picture because I like the use of form in it where the grass is clearly shown. The use of form is effective because it helps to make some parts of the image stand out more than others and doesn't allow for small parts to go unnoticed. 

I like this photo because I like the use of colour. I also like the simplicity with this picture. I like that there's not more than one part of this picture for us to look at. this picture also uses the formal element of reflection. I like that this picture doesn't have anything to it, its just a picture of something simple and effective. The colour in this image stays as simple as the rest of the image, which allow for the whole image to be simple. The different colours in this image work into each other through smooth lines that help each colour to move to the next.

I personally think that Ritter's work is influential as I like they why he makes the backgrounds of his pictures look natural even when there not. In my future photos I will try to include some of the ways he makes his backgrounds look into my photographs. I would also incorporate some of the ways that he makes colours look so natural together. 

To summarise, Ritter's work is one of my favourites that I have looked at and I will continue to research further into the way he does some of his shoots and then include this in my work.   

While i found the Ritter's work was one of my favourites to look at i found that i struggled to incorporate his style of landscapes in my work. Ritter uses a effective background to go with the main focus of the image, i found myself only incorporating the idea of backgrounds. i found that in one of my images of contrast i have used the same sort of style to show a sky with some dark clouds and some light seeping through.  The way that i styled my picture was influenced by Ritter through my composition of the image with the light coming through the middle of the picture. Also with the use of the clouds as a dark border as well as capturing a small amount of the building.

In the image by Ritter he has included a sky that is dark surrounded by some dark clouds with only a small amount of light. In my image I have shown a larger proportion of the sky with the top of a building in the bottom corner of the picture. While the sky was not the main focus of Ritter's work I have found similarities with it and the image that I produced.

The main aspect of Ritter's work that I have enjoyed was his use of composition, I have found that the way he styles his landscapes has helped me throughout the project. I think that my three images below have been influenced by Ritter in some way. The main influence I have taken from Ritter is to always think about my background in the image. I have learnt not to neglect the background in a image as it is just as important as the main focus and will still be noticed.

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