Sunday, 14 September 2014

Work diary - lines

Lines - work diary:

For our first session of photography we were given the topic of lines. We went out around the college with the cameras to take pictures of lines. These photos could have any type of line in them and you didn't have to particularly show what the picture was of, you just had to show the lines.  I found this task both easy and hard. I found it hard because you had to find lines in things that you would usually not notice the lines in. However I also found this easy because lines are found in everything we look at so I didn't have to look far to find my pictures.  Although this was my first session I felt that I could keep up with everything that was going on in the class.
Progression: From my line shoot I would like to take the aspect of finding the hidden and smaller features that are in photos and bring them out to be shown clearly. Shooting line on location gave me the opportunity to find many different lines and the places they could be found. If i was to re shoot lines i would be sure to find some more unique lines as well as lines that are common to widen my variety of lines. i would do this because i think that lines are a good place to start when trying to compose a picture. The picture below is an example of something in the style of what i would aim to achieve as i liked the way  that these lines are original and have been used in a unique way. I also like the angle to photo was taken which helps to create the originality of the overall image.

I think that the photo above and the photo below are my best photos. I think the photo above is a good photo because it show lines in a natural environment. Also the brick that is out of place shows how certain lines can stand out more than others. I think the photo below is one of my best photos because it has straight lines in the background but the main focus of the photo shows how lines don't have to be straight and also how they are found in people.

If I could re-do this project I would try to take pictures of more original lines as I often found myself taking similar pictures to the people in my class. I would also try take a better standard of pictures by trying to take the pictures at a better zoom and make sure that my backgrounds are clearer.

I chose to include these photos because I feel that they show the lines really clearly even though there are things going on in the background. I also think that although these lines are man made, in these photos I think they look natural. These images are direct lines that are clearly visible to the human eye. Thee types of lines are easy to come by in every day life as well as standout in many different settings.

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