Sunday, 21 September 2014

Work diary - depth

Work diary - depth:

In this session we was given the topic of depth. I found that with this topic the main way of getting a good picture was the positioning of the camera. I found that during this session I was taking a longer time to get the right angles and lighting so it took me a little longer to take the picture. I also found that I ended up with less pictures as I found it hard to see depth in some of the things that were around me.

Progression: If I was to shoot this topic again I would try to find some more original ways to photograph depth as I found that the photographs that I took were of generic ways that have a clear depth in them. I think that to move my work forward I need to find others ways to show depth and attempt to be more creative. The image below is an example of how I could attempt to do so. I like the way that an object has been put in place as a new way to show the depth of something.

I think that the picture above and the picture below are my best pictures. I think its shows how depth can be found both outdoors and indoors. I think the picture above shows depth in a very natural setting. I also like this picture because there is nothing distracting you from looking towards the end. I like the picture below because it shows depth in a more confined setting. I also like this picture because nothing was altered for me to take this picture it was just taken.

I have chosen to include these pictures from the internet because I think they show depth in both its natural setting also with objects. I think  the picture above shows depth with objects really well. it shows how the further down you look the objects look smaller even though they are the same size. I also like this picture because only the front post is the post is the one where you can tell what it is the rest of them you cant clearly tell. I chose the picture below because it show depth in a natural setting. the depth in this picture helps to show that something would be moving down the train tracks. it also shows how there is something there at the end but you cant quite tell what it is.

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