Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Work diary - studio contrast

Work diary - Contrast:

In this session our task was to go into the studio in groups and shoot different contrasts that we could show with people. I personally enjoyed this task as I enjoyed getting to work in a group as I found it made the task more chilled and allowed us to work together to think of ideas. However I also found this task slightly difficult as I didn't want to copy all the same ideas as everyone in my group which meant that I didn't find myself with enough pictures to work with at the end of the session. From this I have decided that I will re-shoot this topic so that I can improve some of my images as well as giving myself more to work with.

I think that the picture above and the picture below are my best pictures as I like that in both pictures I have been able to photograph to kinds of contrasts. In the top picture I have show the the contrast between Dylan and Frankie's height, as well as showing the contrast between boy and girl. Another thing I like about this picture is that both of these contrast show quite obvious contrasts. Also while editing this picture I noticed that Frankie is looking at the camera while Dylan is not, I think that this is a unintentional contrast that has occurred while I was taking the picture.

I think that this picture is also one of my best as again it shows to different types of contrast in one photo. In this picture there is a contrast of facing to different ways as well as the contrast of the different hair colours. I like this picture as I think its effective at showing how simple contrasts can be in photography.

I have chosen these two pictures from the internet as I think that they show two of the most common types of contrasts that can show how effective the contrasts can be. The top picture shows the simple black and white contrast can be and still have a big impact on the way the image is shown. The picture below shows how colour in contrast can help to highlight different aspects of the image as well as let them blend in to the picture.

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